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Finally a solution I can trust

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap.

Are you seeking out a strap that provides you with quick access to your camera in addition to keeping it safely secured to your body? The Altura rapid fire strap might be the best choice for you. This camera strap arguably finds the best balance between accessibility and security due to the presence of both a quick release system and a safety tether. The metal plate is a welcome improvement over the plastic ones so often seen in similar models, and it comes with rubber gripping to prevent scratches and other damage to the underside of your camera. In an especially thoughtful move, Altura included a zipper pocket large enough to carry memory cards, batteries, and other useful camera accessories.

What I Like.

· Can be worn a variety of different ways

· Faster shooting with the quick release strap

· Safety tether offers an added layer of security

· Shoulder strap employs an ergonomic and non-slip design

Key Specs

Style Neck/shoulder, Length56 inches, Width1 inch, Material Polyester, Warranty3 months

For the last couple of years I’ve been using the camera strap sold with the camera and for all intents and purposes it worked. However the time came to make the switch from the standard camera strap to a harness or a cross body style strap but I never found one that I wanted to purchase.

There are ton of them out there and the cheap no name ones concerned me especially when you consider the value of the camera equipment you trust it to carry. About six months I came across the Altura rapid fire body strap with an under arm strap to keep the strap in place. Perfect for my ramblings around the west coast of Ireland so without a second thought I purchased one. I should mention Altura products in my opinion, are well made, having previously purchased their camera wrist strap.

The Altura Photo Rapid Fire Professional Quick Release Camera Strap is comfortable. I’ve worn it for hours on end whilst hiking and climbing up mountain paths and over rocks to grab that ever illusive shot and had absolutely no issues with the comfort or fit.

If you are in market for a good reliable cross body camera strap then the Altura Photo Rapid Fire Professional Quick Release Camera Strap is a great option. I love mine and recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want to pay 100+ on a professional branded strap. To learn more about the strap check out it on Amazon, prices and product information can be found here:

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