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It’s here the DJI Mini 2

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

There are many ways you could sell DJI’s Mini 2 to someone. It’s an incredibly small drone.

It’s a respectable drone for film and photography. It’s easy to learn and fun to fly. It’s relatively inexpensive for the features you get. As someone who does video and photography on a regular basis for work, I saw this as a perfect semi-pro drone.

I’ve been a fan of DJI since the beginning, and I was completely sold on the Mavic Air 2 when it was released. The DJI Mini 2 looked, in both specs and form, to be exactly what its name implies: it’s a smaller version of the Mavic Air 2 but with the advantage of lower weight and size.

The Mini 2 punches well above its weight with a 1/2.3 inch sensor, 4K video, Ocusync 2.0, and more robust motors for longer flight times, all while still weighing less than 249 grams.

Remote control and 31 minute flight time

The Mini 2 uses the same style of remote as the Mavic Air 2. It has a gimbal control knob for tilt on the left-hand side, a button to start recording on the right, an Fn button on the front, and a quick button to switch between camera and still modes. The left control stick operates up/down and rotation of the drone, while the right control stick operates the direction (left/right forward/back).

Flying the Mini 2 is a lot more fun than the Mavic Air 2. By design, it's smaller and more nimble, so that means it can go in tighter spaces. That said it doesn't have any obstacle avoidance features. It being a smaller-sized consumer drone, you really need to know how to fly it since it's not equipped with any sensors that will allow it to either automatically stop or fly around an object like on the Mavic Air 2.

The Mini 2 does have GEO fencing that will alert you of nearby areas like airports and will keep the drone away. There's also the Return to Home feature that can be activated to return the drone to the pilot. Plus, the Altitude Lock in the Fly app will adjust how high the drone can go.

When flying, the app will display the battery level, the available record time on the microSD (in either capacity or time left), and shooting settings. Once the battery drops to about 20% the remote will start alerting you with a constant beep. When the battery gets too low the drone will automatically return home and land.

Even as a smaller drone, the 3-axis gimbal is rock solid in terms of performance and creating steady shots also worth mentioning is the wind resistance now improved to 24mph (level 5).


Besides the standard and Fly More packages, the DJI Mini 2 has several accessories available:

360° Propeller Guards

DJI Mini Bag

Charging Display Case

DIY Creative Kit: Personalize your Mini 2 with custom stickers or blank stickers to create your own artwork

Snap Adapter: An adapter that snaps on to the top of the Mini 2 that allows for the attachment of a small LED screen

Who is it for?

Besides first-time drone buyers, those flying the Mini or Mavic Air 2 should consider the Mini 2. The image quality, shooting options, range, and safety features make it one of the best portable drones available.

Now, I’m not saying the image quality is better than the Mavic Air 2. It's not, but if you find the Air 2 is not fitting in your kit at times, the Mini 2 can get what you need in a pinch.

If you happen to be a YouTube creator, vlogger, or publish content to social media, this drone is plenty capable. If you're looking for something more robust in terms of image quality, consider the Air 2 or wait for the Mavic 3.

Final Thoughts

If you've been curious about getting a drone, the Mini 2 is a solid place to start. It's small enough to go just about anywhere but has pro-style features and safety measures in place to protect you as a pilot. In terms of video image quality it performs incredibly well for smaller-screen content like social media and YouTube, it's not ideal for commercial work but at a pinch it will perform adequately.

Check for current pricing and availability here. DJI Mini 2 Fly More Package.

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