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The Client

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Too often rushed is time spent with the client, take time to understand their expectations and goals from either the photo or video shoot.

Don’t shy away from getting to know your client, what do they want to achieve and how do they wish to use the material. Meet in the first instance if possible or at least explore ideas via phone or email.

Posing for a shoot may be alien to them and you’ve got to allay any fears, boost their confidence and allow the client to relax be natural and enjoy the process. Identify how they’d like to be observed and portrayed, ask questions and identify their hopes and aspirations. Reasons for the shoot preferred locations and settings should be discussed, attire and ambient feel. Is this material for personal, family or corporate use?

All the above need to be explored thoroughly, the photographer needs to fully interpret the client’s requirements and supply the finished product to the highest standard.

Above all have fun.

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