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Upgrading to Mirrorless??

Why Upgrading to Mirrorless Just Doesn’t make sense.

Benefits of using a mirrorless camera, Isn't it superior to DSLR camera in every way? Maybe it is. But, to be frank, I'm not planning on ditching my DSLR anytime soon.

I'm not interested in mirrorless right now because I'm not planning on upgrading, so it's just useless information. I'm perfectly happy with my aged DSLRs and intend to stay that way for at least another five years. In this post, I'll clarify why I'm not upgrading to mirrorless and why you may want to wait as well.

The mirrorless is already overhyped. I've even been chastised for carrying DSLRs in my camera bag. People believe the DSLR-to-mirrorless transition is as important as the film-to-digital transition, it’s not. When the R5 and R6 came out, it seemed as if DSLRs had gotten worse, they didn’t.

Sony photographers want to believe that their high-tech camera will outperform a DSLR in any way. When it comes to film/video, it most likely will, but I'm not a cinematographer.

“Is the upgrade going to make me more money if I invest in it?”

Let's look at the costs of going mirrorless:

The Canon EOS R5 costs $3,899, and I'd have to buy two of them to have a spare body. Assuming that my Canon lenses don't need replacing that's nearly $8,000!!!

Assume I'd sold my DSLRs. That would probably pull in a little more than $4,000 in revenue. I'd also have to fork over $4,000 for a new camera setup.

Purchases must be justified, yes resolution, color depth, connectivity, weight, and dynamic range are all important specifications for landscape and portrait photography but would this transition to mirrorless warrant the minimal improvement?

I can't recall a time when I wished for a better camera than what I’m currently using, speaking from personal experience. Sure, the 100 percent autofocus coverage on a mirrorless can benefit other photographers, but it makes no difference to me. I usually keep my composition easy and aim at f/8 - f/11, so critical focus at f/1.2 isn't a game changer for me.

The weight and size are two things that are slightly better. While I appreciate the reduced pressure on my hands, the difference is scarcely noticeable once the pro glass is fixed on the camera.

I'm sure camera manufacturers will chastise me for saying this, but buying a new camera is the last thing on my mind. Not just because it's pricey, but also because I'm sure I'll have to spend a lot of time figuring it out and trying to work out where all the buttons and settings are located. Sure, the majority of them are in the same place, but in a shoot, even the tiniest change slows me down. Those seconds cause me to lose momentum and, in general, are detrimental to my ability to be creative.

I found myself moving much more slowly than normal when shooting with a 6D Mark II and 6D side by side. Keep in mind that those are two cameras that I am very familiar with. I like to believe that the less steps I have to take to be innovative, the stronger my creative processes are. It's great news if all I have to do is turn on the camera and shoot. That's not good news if I have to fiddle with the settings for tens of minutes.

When WILL I Switch to Mirrorless?

I'm going to go mirrorless sooner or later. The aging of my DSLRs is most likely the main cause. Since I shoot a lot, the shutter counts are piling up quickly for me (thankfully). Even, my 2008 70-200mm lens isn't going to last forever. When the time comes to actually say farewell to the equipment that no longer operates or isn't serviceable, I believe it makes the most sense to upgrade.

As a photographer, I depend on repairs to be available and affordable wherever I am. I'm in big trouble if I can't get a lens fixed or leased for my camera device. I'll upgrade when the time comes.

To sum up, mirrorless is the future, but it isn't the present. Since 2009, there hasn't been a really poor camera developed/produced.

What you have is probably far superior to what pro photographers where using a decade ago. If you know how, you can take amazing pictures with whatever you have.

My current Camera setup is the Canon 6d Mark ii and the original Canon 6d.

Check for current prices and product availability here:


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